SatinPaperbacks moves her personal library…

You’d think I was trying to move library and not my own at the size of the darn thing.. and why is it that spiders like my dusty old pages?  Oh yes, I have some very old books indeed that I love to roam in on a quiet day.


You can see it now, cross legged on the floor, coffee to my right and musty old tombs all around me.  I open one and a halo of dust blesses the next adventure we’re about to take.


That’s the dream when I think about moving my library.  The truth is a little different!  Me and my paper friends snuggle together tightly as I carry my treasured parcels from one room to another.  Me barely breathing, and I swear the books feel the same.  What if I carry too many and the pressure breaks an ancient leather spine? I’ve been known to weep at the sight of a beautiful spin broken and shattered in its cracked old skin.  And that’s only half the story, because the library shelves aren’t ready for them and so this is only half the journey.


And half the tale….


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