Book Club Structure

Your friends will need to agree to meet every 4-6 weeks for a couple of hours

  1. The first friend to Host a meeting at their house gets to choose the book that everyone will read for the next 4-6 weeks.
  2. Generally the Host will offer coffee and biscuits or wine and cheese at these meetings as discussing the book can become enthusiastic and thirsty work!
  3. Your aim will be to discuss:
    1. How the author came across in the book: sympathetic, mean, detached?
    2. Were the characters alive and vivid for you or dull and uninteresting?
    3. Did the beginning of the book grab you or did you struggle at the start?
    4. Was the ending what you hoped for? Or did you want a different ending?
    5. What was the best part of the book for you? Do you agree with that?
    6. What was the weakest part of the book for you?
  4. At the end of your meeting the Host will put the names of all the Book Club members except their own into a hat/bag. By agreement one other member will put their hand in the hat/bag and bring out the name of the next member to Host the meeting.
  5. Each member will have thought and brought a book to the meeting in case their name was drawn out of the hat/bag. Once the name of the new Host has been revealed the new Host may present their book choice for the coming month.
  6. Now that the new book for the next month is revealed the new Host will offer up dates and times that will be convenient to everyone and agree the next meeting date.
  7. Repeat steps 1 – 6. With each meeting the number of names in the hat/bag will reduce as each member who has hosted is kept out of the hat/bag until everyone has had a turn to Host.