Do I need to write under my own name?

The beauty of writing under a publishers name is that you do not need to use your own.

How often can I ask to get a book digitally uploaded?

Books may be uploaded individually, sequentially or all at once. There are no restrictions.

How much will it cost to get my book digitally published?

It is not expensive to get your book ready for digital publications. Contact us today to get details of the range of packages available.

How soon will I see my book uploaded and ready to sell?

An average sized book could be up and ready to go within two weeks.

When will I get my royalties?

On a monthly basis.

How will I get my royalties?

By cheque or direct into your own personal bank account.

Why come to SatinPaperbacks.com to publish my book?

Our strap line says it all. We are here to unleash your words to the world. We are a company who cares about you as a writer and the work that you produce.

Which genres does SatinPaperbacks.com publish?

SatinPaperbacks.com will publish all genres but will not willingly or with prior knowledge engage in plagiarism.

Does SatinPaperbacks.com offer any other services?

Yes. SatinPaperbacks.com provides a national Book Club co-ordination service, providing monthly book recommendations and distribution to members as a lending library. If you would like to know more we are only a phone call away.