Welcome to Satin Paper Backs

Greetings and what a great day it is for fellow book lovers everywhere!
Now finally we have cheaper books, easier to get hold of books and easier choices. It’s true, it is a little like standing in a book shop with brilliant choices to hand without having to find a way to make the time to get there. Moreover, your club may suggest a book out of your comfort zone, and quite right, that’s why we do it!

The challenge to find a great new author you will love, to be captured page by page until at the end your scrabbling to find the next book they wrote… but that doesn’t always happen and sometimes your shelves will groan under the weight of tomes you will never pick up again!

At Satin Paperbacks we eliminate the one downside to exploring the undulating adventure of discovering new authors so your shelves will only be filled with the books you love. Love Lies Bleeding is an adult book full of adult language that will ask you to address your perceptions of gender and the world that drives those perceptions. Well worth the ride to find where it will take mind. Happy reading