Book Clubs – How to get started

The aim of a book club is to gather old and new friends together once a month or so and to discuss a book you’ve read as a group and to offer up the next month’s book.

So how do we achieve this? Setting up a Book Club is very easy. The first steps are:-

Do it with a friend! Sit down together and draw up on paper how you want your book club to run. See our book club structure here Once you have an agreed structure you will need to decide who to invite. Here are some handy hints:

  1. Draw up a list with your friend of 6-12 people who you would like you to join the group. Bear in mind, do these friends read a lot? Do they read different authors to you? If the answer is YES! Then they should go on your list.
  2. Now you’ve made your list you need to invite your friends. You want your friends to feel committed to your Book Club; so write to them either on paper or on an email making sure your cc: the other potential members. A standard letter would look something like this Download our Book Club invitation letter template..
  3. When you have 6 friends or more who agree to become part of your club you’re almost done. Your first meeting will be the initiation of your book club so you as the Founder of your Book Club will Host the first meeting. You will offer the first book choice for the month and so:

You have begun and good luck! You are about to enjoy a literary adventure, which you otherwise might not have begun.

What you might like to know is that Book Clubs have an average life span of 5 years with 3 of 9 members being replaced over that 5 year period. On average the core of the Book Club will remain unchanged through that time.

Using as your guide and inspiration will give you a huge advantage. Over that 5 year period every member will have presented a book they believe worthy of the Book Club but then the ideas start to dry up. With the books will already have been vetted to the standard that you want. Book reviews from other book clubs will be available on the website to help you make your choice and with a click of a button your decision and order will be made.