Digital Publishing

Self publishing is the new media to have your work read by. It replaces the disillusioning slog around the Publishing Houses and offers you the ability to see your work in digital print within a very short space of time. Contact today to discuss unleashing your words to the world! Here are some frequently asked questions that we are happy to help with Click here for our FAQ’s on Self Publishing.

Traditional publishing houses operate to their own time tables, so should your work be viewed favourably, you could still see your book waiting to be published for another year and then only marketed for one more year. Then there are the marketing fees, production fees, editing fees all to be considered that would all be extrapolated from your royalties. With you don’t have to wait and your

royalties from your own work are all your own.

In a time when book shops are folding, libraries are closing or cutting back due to lack of funding, more and more people are turning to digital formats to get to the books that they want to read. Airlines are putting weight restrictions on your luggage and people can no longer afford to carry the many books they want to read while enjoying the sun. So now comes the age of the digital book to be found on Kindle and other digital publishers where at a moment’s thought some of the greatest works are at your finger tips.

You don’t have to be great to start; just start to be great. Contact publishing by email now and watch your dreams become your reality!